John Kuczwal



"There are few lustre exponents in the world today perhaps no more than twenty or so. Thus when an exhibition such as this is created, it is an occasion to celebrate such a rare event. This is an important exhibition.”


 Alan Peascod “Painting with Smoke” Catalogue - Wollongong City Gallery 2006




“…a world of mystery and suspense and enchantment. Is John making use of lustre to evoke it, or did the material itself work on his mind to bring it out? Perhaps something of both. What is certain is that the themes and medium seem made for one another. For twenty years or more John has been dreaming in lustre and I think lustre has been dreaming of him,

  In a letter to me earlier this year he wrote “That lustre making has found its way to Wollongong, so far from the great centres of the tradition, is a strange thing to ponder”. To which I would add, that it is also a very fortunate one."


  Alan Caiger-Smith “Isolation” Catalogue - Sturt Craft Centre 2010




“Kuczwal was introduced to reduction lustre by the late Alan Peascod and, following Alan’s lead, is well aware of the various modes and methods to be found in this unique and famously challenging branch of ceramics. His patient dedication over the years has borne fruit in a body of work filled with mysterious colour and a poetical imagery, altogether without precedent.”



 Alan Caiger-Smith “The Potter’s Brush” Catalogue - Wollongong City Gallery 2013




“.. sometimes these figures mingle with the surrounding environment, in a sort of elegant mimicry, sometimes appearing instead as “shadows” or as “reserves” of dark shades within a varied and flaming background. With their punctiform, threadlike and minute ornamental designs, similar to those that decorate the background, they appear and disappear from their fantastically populated universe, in which a continuous, precious and golden light contrasts with the deep darkness of the shadows.

 It is almost as if they were innervated with a pulsating brightness.”


 Ettore Sannipoli “In the town of Maestro Giorgio” Catalogue - St Ubaldo House, Gubbio 2017




1971    Employed by the Attorney Generals Department and began his career in law courts administration.

1987    Solo exhibition of painting and drawings at “Seaview” Gallery Newcastle 

1989    Following a meeting with Alan Peascod became interested in reduced pigment lustre

1990    Began to solo fire wood-fired lustre and explore the technique of reduced pigment lustre

1996    Solo lustre exhibition “Art for Art Sake” Gallery Wollongong

1996    Work represented in the Australian Wood-fired Survey exhibition Canberra

2000    Solo lustre exhibition “Nesac” Gallery Wollongong

2006    Solo lustre exhibition “Painting with Smoke” Wollongong City Gallery

2010    Solo lustre exhibition “Isolation” Sturt Craft Centre Mittagong


2011    Retired from the Attorney Generals Department (as the Chamber Magistrate, Wollongong)


2013    Joint exhibition lustre and maiolica with Marino Moretti “The Potters Brush” Wollongong City Gallery

2017    Guest exhibitor at “Brocche d’autore” Exhibition Gubbio Italy

2017    Solo lustre exhibition “In the town of Maestro Giorgio” Casa Sant Ubaldo Gubbio Italy

2018    "Five Countries One Vision" Joint exhibition of lustre with Abbas Akbari (Iran) Arturo Mora Benavent

           (Spain) Jonathan Chiswell-Jones (England) Giampietro Rampini (Italy) Graziano Pericoli (Italy)

           Palazzo della Porta, Gubbio Italy

2019   "Five Countries One Vision" Joint exhibition with Abbas Akbari, Arturo Mora Benavent, Jonathan Chiswell-Jones,

           Giampietro Rampini and Joan Carillo Romero. House of Culture Manises, National Museum of Ceramics and

           Decorative Arts, Valencia, Spain




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"Five Countries One Vision " Catalogue. Introduction by Ettore Sannipoli Palazzo della Porta Gubbio 2018

"Five Countries One Vision" Catalogue introduction by Josep Perez Camps Manises Spain 2019



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